20 Best Medium Layered Haircuts For Women

20 Best Medium Layered Haircuts For Women

Medium layered haircuts are very popular nowadays as it look more gorgeous than one-length hair cuts. Layers actually offer more interesting shattered shapes that are versatile as well as sharper. A simple layered haircut will suggest you at least two simple layers as well as also shorter tresses along your face. If you want, then you can have loads of different layers as well.

A question may come to your mind that how you’d have your hair ends trimmed. You can try different styles like blunt choppy ends, smooth subtle grades, delicate feathers and so on. Experimenting with different layers and style finishes, you will be able to come up  unexpectedly gorgeous looks that you have not tried before. Here is a collection of some best layered hairstyles which are impressive and you should try!

  1. Copper Red Layer Haircut

Copper Red Layer Haircut

This haircut will give you soft facial features a drop of irregularity. It will give your hair color more boldness. Layers as well as bright copper hues will create wonderful solution that will light you up. You will enjoy this style as it is exceptional!

  1. Shoulder Length Layered Bob

Shoulder Length Layered Bob

This layered haircut is able to perform highlighted natural thickness. It will also increase the beauty of your hair just with three symmetric blunt cut bangs, layers, blunt cuts as well as well-trimmed and heavy ends. You can use light brown highlights.

  1. Weightless Curls

Weightless Curls

This haircut is very light as well as airy. The hair body is concentrated on the core of this wavy haircut. This haircut will increase your confidence as you will feel light all time. The curls are so perfect to correct oblong as well as round faces.

  1. Summer Layered Haircut

Summer Layered Haircut

You can try this haircut for the next summer. It will give you a refreshing and light look. This haircut will make you simply look gorgeous! This haircut goes great with  blonde hair.

  1. Smooth Curly Layered

Smooth Curly Layered

Do you love natural look? This hairstyle will give you a natural look and you will feel light all time. Layering will let your curls nicely settle just around your face. You will be able to play with your hair!

  1. Copper Layered Shoulder Length Haircut

Copper Layered Shoulder Length Haircut

You will love this haircut. It is simple, pretty as well as absolutely adorable. Just two things make this awesome style, layered haircut and rich copper hair color. You need not to go for any styling or extraordinary outfit or even complicated makeup! This haircut will give you gorgeous look.

  1. Blonde Super Layered Haircut

Blonde Super Layered Haircut

This haircut will go great with your blonde hair. It will give you a fresh look. You need not to apply any gorgeous makeup with this haircut as this haircut is gorgeous itself and it will also make you look more gorgeous.

  1. Volume Hunter

Volume Hunter

If you want to create an illusion of thicker hair, then you should try this haircut. All girls with fine hair always hunt for volume. They always experiment with various cuts as well as hair styles. Now you can ask your hairdresser to do layering your hair with loose waves that will provide a realistic illusion of nice and beautiful thicker hair.

  1. Collarbone Bob Haircut

Collarbone Bob Haircut

This type of haircut does not require too much layering. This haircut will look smarter with very few distinct layering. The front tresses as well as bangs will give you a different look. You will love this hairstyle.

  1. Shoulder Length Layered Haircut

Shoulder Length Layered Haircut

All shoulder length haircuts are not shaggy. It is possible to create very soft and sharp stylish look. You will be able to enhance your grades with the contrasting solo accent. Try it out!

  1. Layered Haircut for Medium to Long Hair

Layered Haircut for Medium to Long Hair

Layered haircuts are absolutely great and no matter if you have medium-to-long hair, you can try this style out. This layered haircut is very universal. You can opt for nice creamy layers as well as stairsteps for the framing, tresses your face. You will look brilliant with this haircut.

  1. Choppy Layered Haircut

Choppy Layered Haircut

Choppy layered haircut comes with a lot of evident feathers. It starts at the level of cheekbones. The lower part of your face will be more visible. You have a triangular or even oblong face, then you can try this style out.

  1. Short Choppy Ends

Short Choppy Ends

This haircut will help you to come up with rowdy look. It is a great idea to try this haircut if your hair is thick enough. You can also try the lighter version of this hairstyle as it is very easy to maintain. This haircut is perfect for this summer!

  1. Breezy Hairstyle

Breezy Hairstyle

If your hair is naturally thin, then this haircut is for you. This haircut is layered strategically and due to this reason it looks more voluminous. This haircut is slightly raised just at the root. Side-swept bangs are very supportive for the careless mood. This haircut is good for the teenagers.

  1. Center-Parted Shag Haircut

Center-Parted Shag Haircut

This haircut is suitable for oblong faces. You need to add more volume on the side of your face. Nice and cute shag offer incredible texture as well as also eases everyday styling. This is one of the flattering haircuts and if you have round face, then this haircut will give you a fuller look.

  1. Golden Blonde Shag

Golden Blonde Shag

The layers will provide jagged edges and it is the main attraction of this haircut. It is upgraded with the subtle highlights as well as downlights. Front tresses are nicely flipped in simply to bring out your face oval and the back locks are flipped out playfully.

  1. Medium Length Silky Locks

Medium Length Silky Locks

This haircut comes with some layers through the length is very closer to the ends as well as fine grading for all the tresses framing face. It features disconnected yet nice texture. The locks are well defined and also treated with smooth and silky finish.

  1. Decent Frame Locks

Decent Frame Locks

This is one of the attention grabbing haircuts.

  1. Stunning Layered Cut

Stunning Layered Cut

It is styled tousled and the effect is stunning.

  1. Red-Carpet Layer Cut

Red-Carpet Layer Cut

Awesome haircut and simply gorgeous.


Layered Haircuts are always awesome. Just try your favorite one!