12 Amazing Hairstyles for Thin Hair in 2019

12 Amazing Hairstyles for Thin Hair in 2019

Thin hair is normally characterized by the minimal width of your hair. Fine hair normally has medium to low volume. Very long hairstyles does not go perfect with the fine hair. Medium, short as well as very short layered haircuts work great for the fine hair. Moreover, these hairstyles are very easy to maintain and need very short time for styling.

Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Short hairstyles will add extra volume to your hair. Before applying styling products, do not forget to dry your hair. Your hair needs to be approximately 80 percent dry. Never overload your hair with heavy creams or wax. Often it is enough to add mousse as well as rake your fingers through the hair for a nice trendy tousled style. You can try long bangs as well as layering for a successful short haircut. It will add dimension and also it will create an illusion of beautiful thick hair. You can also try the ombre effect and color highlights. These will work as volume boosters.

  1. Light Waves Bob Crop

Light Waves Bob Crop

This is a classy short hairstyle. This fancy bob will give you a glamorous look with random tips in and also out as well as very light waves.

  1. Side Swept Chopy Layered Bob

Side Swept Chopy Layered Bob

This one is one of the best choices for thin hair.

  1. Black Short Bob

Black Short Bob

The girls with natural black hair can try this awesome black bob hairstyle. If you have not, still you can try this as it will give you a fuller look.

  1. Sleek Short Hairstyle

Sleek Short Hairstyle

You can skillfully play with the textures as well as hair hues by achieving a nice sophisticated look just on the basis of simple hairstyle. You can have your cropped tresses ironed and also complemented with simple combed back bangs.

  1. Light Curves

Light Curves

This thin hair style acquires body and for that thanks to the styling tricks. You can try your front locks nicely flipped out just combined with the edgy ends. The curves of your bangs in this style will give you a fantastic look.

  1. Vintage Glitz

Vintage Glitz

You can give your dear one a pleasant surprise with this Vintage hairstyle. It will give you extravagant look. Though this is a simple style, however; this sleeked-back wet gorgeous look with side parting will draw the attention of others. You can also try large fancy earrings with this style.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Most of the girls with fine hair love to keep their hair length medium and it is possible to make a lot of cool hairstyles with your fine hair, even you can also give your hair fuller and thicker look. These hairstyles are versatile, including various updos, updos with braiding, loose styles just on the basis of simple bob haircut, twists or even ponytails. You can do whatever you want with your medium length fine hair. If you do not know the ways to style your nice fine hair, you can also go for a short haircut like a bob cut as that looks really great with curls or straight teasing just at the roots. Enhanced texture as well as also messy touch can save you, especially when you are on the go. If you are looking for the hairstyles for your medium length, fine hair, then here are some cute visualized ideas that you can try.

  1. Curly Bob for Fine Hair

Curly Bob for Fine Hair

Curly hairstyles will give you a win-win option for your thin hair. This fun ringlets will make your mane appear nonchalantly natural as well as thicker, especially when your hair is silky and messed up. You can also swept back your hair as if by naughty wind. You can try subtle highlights as it will work as a big plus and it will add dimension.

  1. Super Sharp Hairstyle

Super Sharp Hairstyle

If you want to try the current trends, then this sharp, super hairstyle is for you. It will give you a simple, spontaneous look. This style comes with a center parting, very natural-looking highlights, edgy tips as well as light messy touch.

  1. Messy Beachy Cruls

Messy Beachy Cruls

This is another cute hairstyle that you should try. Your beach waves will crazily appeal and for this hair-style thanks to the styling tricks as the silky finish as well as the cool coloristic solution will give you a celebrity look.

  1. Wispy Bangs with Headband

Wispy Bangs with Headband

You will look gorgeous with this wispy side bangs with a beautiful hairband. This layered style will give you more volume, as well as you will also love the caramel as well as platinum blonde streaks that will brighten up your complexion. Hairband will add extra fun and it is a creative way simply to update your hairstyle. You can also choose other styles according to your choice.

  1. Elegant Side Ponytail

Elegant Side Ponytail

This hairstyle will look gorgeous with your blonde or honey-blonde hair. Just pulled back into a wonderful elegant side ponytail. You do not need thick tresses or other things to pull off this ponytail – just choose a style that will suit the type of your hair. You can keep your look fresh with this simple and pretty style.

12. Long Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Long Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Though it is not the best option to wear fine hair, however; long fine hair is not unavailable! Long hair can lack your desirable volume. With your thin hair your ponytail or braid will not be chunky, however; you can try a wide range of updos as well as downdos that you would not believe are made nicely on thin hair. These styles are so charming as well as classy. You can use bouffant, highlights, backcombing, curls and waves.


Try any of these hair styles according to your hair length. Even your thin hair can look more beautiful with these awesome hairstyles.